Secrets of Raetikon Wiki

The state of every single object is synced whenever the game is saving while in progress mode. This does not happen in edit mode, which you enter whenever you open up the editor.

While in edit mode you see debug information like FPS and the current active package name in the upper right corner. Even if you close the editor with *ctrl/cmd+E* (or Levels → Exit Editor) you will stay in edit mode. You can try out your latest changes without seeing the editor GUI this way.

Currently there are 2 ways to return to progress mode (the game mode where progress is saved):

  1. Quit the game and restart: you will always start the main game in progress mode at the place and in the state you left it, no matter which package was active when you last quit the editor. This is something we will make configurable in the future, so you can just start up the game and play the package you recently edited.
  2. Open up the editor and load the package you want to play via the Packages menu, close the editor gui via *ctrl/cmd+E*. Then press *ctrl/cmd+shift+L* to load the progress made in the currently selected package. We will make this more accessible in a future update.