Play existing scenes from Steam Workshop

  • Browse the Steam Workshop from within the game by selecting Workshop, Browse Steam Workshop or by clicking on Workshop in the Community Hub on Steam directly.
  • Click Subscribe on the Workshop Items page, or on the green plus in the Workshop overview.
  • Wait until the content finished downloading - see progress in Library - Downloads (Workshop Section).
  • Quit the game if it's running and then start Secrets of Raetikon.
  • When you're in the game, press pause (ESC/Start).
  • In the submenu of Workshop select the subscribed scene to play or edit it.

Upload your own Scene to Steam Workshop

Here you will learn how to publish your edited scene to Steam Workshop. If you want to learn how to work with our editor check out our in-game tutorials

First go to the in game menu and select Workshop:


Go to Edit Scene, press right until you reach Secrets of Raetikon and select it. (You will now create a mod of the original game.)


The editor will load your last edited scene, or if this is your first time, it will load the "sp_startscreen" level. Also the editor always automatically pauses the game, so you'll have to press Ctrl-P to unpause the game.


You can edit any level of Secrets of Raetikon. Go to Levels on the top of the screen to select the one you want to edit:


Now you are free to edit whatever you want. Our in-game tutorials will make it easy to learn how to work with our editor. Be sure to do them first! Once you're happy with the results, press Ctrl-S to save the scene. Give it a good name and press Save:


To publish it to Steam Workshop you have to go to Levels again and press the Publish button:


It will show you an upload progress bar:


And also tell you if it's finished. Success!

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