Secrets of Raetikon Wiki

Via a Property you can edit a certain value of a Component or a Node.

Properties are accessible in the Inspector, on the left side of the screen in the Node Editor.


Those are the parts of one Property in the Inspector:

  • its name
  • value: mostly a text input field to input numbers or strings. it shows the current value of this property, when hovering with the mouse it shows the saved value (= value of this property when the level is loaded). The current value of a property can change while the game is running, e.g. the position of a moving node. Click into the input field to edit its value.
  • override button: if the node (owner) of this property is derived from a template, a white X indicates that this property is overridden. Thus if the value changes in the template, the derived node won't used the changed value, but the one saved in the node. In the example above the property "angularDamping" in the template may be edited to any value, but in this concrete node it will always have the value 3.0. Press this button and it will lose its overridden status and get the value of its template.
  • Stack button
  • push to template button: if a value is overridden, it can be pushed into its template. This will automatically deactivate the overridden button.

There are other types of properties with different user interface elements:

  • bool property: true/false is set via a X button.

Bool Property.png

  • read only property: only displays a value for debugging purposes. No value can be set, and there is no override and push button. E.g. mass of a physical body cannot be set (its determined by :Box2dFixture/density and bodies shape).

Readonly Property.png

  • colorpicker property: has 4 space separated values between [0;1] to set a red/green/blue/alpha values of a colour. Clicking on the input field opens a colour picker.

Colorpicker Property.png