Secrets of Raetikon Wiki

Secrets of Rætikon is a game you can play your own way. Freedom was our most important design imperative, so there are just a couple of basic actions but it's up to you to decide how to apply them in different situations.

Here's what Fink can do:

- Grab stuff: Almost everything movable in the game can be grabbed. Root out plants, unite animal families, open passages.
- Flap his wings: To become faster or to root out plants
- Dive through the air: Dart downwards to escape or dive deeper into water
- Collect glowing orbs: There are healing orbs (red), rune orbs (orange) and life orbs ([[blue)

Healing orbs will heal you if you're wounded. The health bar fills up with every orb collected. Rune orbs will transcribe one rune per orb. Know your runes to read the backstory of the game that is inscribed on stone tablets. Life orbs will give you an extra life if you collect enough of them.