Secrets of Raetikon Wiki

You can edit all geometric shapes with the path editor. Press SPACE to select a different shape. Drag the path points to edit. Use SHIFT to select more than one point.


Path Editor

  • left click + drag Move path point/s
  • cmd + drag Hold to switch off point snapping
  • +/- Add/remove path point/s after selected point/s
  • i Hold and click on path to add a point (sometimes buggy)
  • ctrl + a Select all path points
  • backspace/del Delete selected path point
  • cmd + k Bake path points
  • d Hold to draw path ← WHAT?! INSANE! CRASHES THOUGH
  • s snaps all points of a path to their closest grid point
  • a smoothes shapes by adding points ← CRASHES OFTEN
  • r roughens path by removing second point ← DOESN'T STOP AT THREE POINTS
  • z zigzag every path point ← DOES SOME CRAZY WEIRD SHIT
  • cmd + t Select all paths with owners that hold triggers ← COULDN'T FIGURE THIS ONE OUT