Secrets of Raetikon Wiki

The main purpose of the Node Editor is to edit game Nodes. A node is a group of Components that is located somewhere in the level. You can add and remove components to a node.

Nodes can be selected with the mouse and dragged around. SHIFT can be used for adding/removing more nodes to the selection. Drag the handles to resize the node. Press ALT to rotate nodes.

On the left you see the components of the node and their properties.

Here are keyboard shortcuts:

  • left click: Select node
  • left click + hold/drag: Move selected node
  • shift + left click: Add/Remove node to/from selection
  • shift + left click + hold/drag: Move selected node along axis
  • click/drag selection handles: Scale node
  • shift + selection handles: Scale node non-uniform
  • alt + selection handles: Rotate node
  • q + selection handles: Shear node
  • double click: Isolate node
  • i: Isolate selected node
  • esc: Leave node isolation or clear selection
  • shift + esc: Clear selection
  • cmd + a: Select all nodes (warning: can be very time-consuming with many nodes)
  • cmd + c: Copy
  • cmd + x: Cut
  • cmd + v: Paste
  • cmd + d: Duplicate
  • cmd + g: Group selected nodes
  • cmd + shift + g: Ungroup selected node
  • backspace/del: Delete selected node/s
  • cmd + shift + .: Center pivot to bounding box
  • cmd + alt + c: Copy color/material of selected node
  • cmd + alt + v: Paste color/material to selected node