Secrets of Raetikon Wiki

Search for a Node, Component, Property, Template or Material in the finder input field.


Click on a result to select it and see its detail in the Inspector. Click the stack button to stack the result.

Search for a Component via ":", e.g.

"rock_002:Box2dBody" to find Box2dBody component of a (sub)node called rock_002
":InverseKinemator" to find all Inversekinemator components in the current level.

Search for a named component via (), e.g.

"rock_002:Box2dFixture(trigger)" to get only the Box2dFixture component called "trigger" (a node is allowed to have multiple components of the same type).

Search for a Property via "/", e.g.

rock_002:Box2dBody/angularDamping, or rock_002/position.

This is based on the general syntax in Ginkgo to access a certain property:

node.subnode.anotherSubnode:Componentclass(Componentname)/Propertyname to access a component property
node.subnode.anotherSubnode/Propertyname to access a node property