Secrets of Raetikon Wiki

Ginkgo features a component-based game engine architecture. Martin has written a number of blog posts about the architecture of the engine [1].


Components offer a specific function for the nodes they are attached to. A render component might render its node. An input component connects it to a button on the gamepad. There are hundreds of different components in Ginkgo.

Components have properties to set their values. E.g. a render-component has a blendColor property that stores its rendering color. Some properties are edited with special editors. E.g. the blend color is set via a color picker. Others just have input fields – coordinates for example are just typed into a text field.

Here's a list of the most important components:

  • LocalizedLabel renders text
  • Path stores geometry
  • FilledPathRenderer renders a Path component and fills it with a blend color
  • Box2dBody is a physical body
  • Box2dFixture is the fixture - shapes and parameters - of a Box2dBody
  • SoundEvent plays a sound when an event occurs